T-shirt Memory Quilts

We offer Two Themes 


Six Different Styles

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Why choose us to make your Memory Quilt?

  • Only the highest quality materials are used in our quilts

  • Our quilts come standard with sashing rather than just sewing each shirt panel consecutively.  This separates and enhances each T-shirt for a much more pleasing look.

  • All shirt panels are stabilized with a high quality, heat applied interfacing to prevent the shirt panels from stretching while being sewed.  The interfacing is very soft and allows the quilt to keep its shape over time.

  • Our quilts are stitched over the entire surface and not just “tacked” in a few places.

  • Available in four standard sizes with variable shirt panel quantities. See Below

  • Our quilts are completely customizable. You select the size, shirt layout, colors (sashing, backing and edge binding), quilting stitch style, and the number of shirt panels.

  • Embroidery available to personalize each quilt.

Full Size

Approx 78" x 94"

Throw Size

Approx 61" x 78"

Twin Size

Approx 64" x 94"

Queen Size

Approx 94" x 94"