Quilt Stitch Pattern Options

Choose from one of the patterns below for your quilt stitch pattern.  Price is included in the basic price of the quilt


Wave on Wave

© 2012 Patricia E. Ritter


Tiger Swirls

© 2011 Lisa H. Calle


Hickory Dickory 

© Anne Bright Designs


Crazy Eights 

© 2016 Sarah Ann Myers



© 2016 Sarah Ann Myers

Retro Graphics #2

© 2014 Sarah Ann Myers

Embroidery  Options

Embroidery is a great way to personalize your quilt and make it even more special for you or your loved one.  

We offer two font styles*

Script                            Block

Pricing is very reasonable at just $25.00 for up to 75 Characters

Some examples of embroidery:

John and Amy

May Your Marriage be Blessed with Love

June 20, 2018


Class of 2020

In Loving Memory of My Favorite Grandpa 


State Champion !

* Fonts may differ slightly from what is shown here but this is a good representation.