How to Place an Order

It's Easy!  No Money Down!


Notify me by email,, that you would like a quilt made.  


You may fill out the T-Shirt Quilt Order Form & The Layout and Color Form if you like or you can ship the shirts without forms. Either way, once I am ready to begin your quilt I will contact you to discuss colors, size, design and layout.  Let me know when you have mailed your shirts and I will let you to let you know that they have arrived safely.  I will keep you posted on the progress of your quilts throughout the process with pictures and such.

Send your T-shirts to :

Leslie Crocker

2322 Rolling Hills Trail

Arlington, TX 76011

T-shirt Preparation Instructions

Prior to mailing shirts please wash shirts but do not use fabric softener as this may adversely affect the bonding of the interfacing/stabilizer.  Also, send the entire T-shirt.  Do not cut them prior to shipping.




Payment and Delivery

You will be invoiced for the Amount Due once your quilt is complete.  I will send you a link to your invoice for payment.  

Your quilt will be ready for Pickup or Shipping within 8 to 12 weeks, unless I have a large backlog of orders then it could be longer.  If you have a deadline, contact me and I will let you know if I can meet it.  Shipping of the finished quilt is FREE!



Pricing and Customization Order Forms 

T-shirt Quilt Order Form

T-shirt Quilt Layout and Color Order Form

Pricing Table.JPG

Return Policy

Due to the nature of custom made quilts, no refunds or returns will be accepted.