Pricing and Customization Order Forms for T-shirt Quilts

T-shirt Quilt Order Form

T-shirt Quilt Layout and Color Order Form

Throw Size

Approx 61" x 78"

Basic Price $350

Twin Size

Approx 64" x 94"

Basic Price $450

Full Size

Approx 78" x 94"

Basic Price $550

Queen Size

Approx 94" x 94"

Basic Price $625

Download, print and fill out the both forms .  Choose your                                         . 

Then scan the T-shirt Quilt Order Form and email to  You can also call me and I can fill it out by phone for you.

Fill out the Quilt Layout and Color Form for the size quilt you want using the block guide to label the position of each T- Shirt.  Attach a label with a pin to each shirt to indicate where you want it placed.  If you are not sure about the best placement or you have no preference you can leave it up to Leslie to decide or we can call and discuss it with you when we receive the T-shirts.  Just let us know that on the form.

Send the T-shirt Quilt Layout and Color Order Form with the T-shirts to :

2322 Rolling Hills Trail

Arlington, TX 76011

T-shirt Preparation Instructions

Prior to mailing shirts please wash shirts but do not use fabric softener as this may adversely affect the bonding of the interfacing/stabilizer.  Also, send the entire T-shirt.  Do not cut them prior to shipping.

Payment Instructions and Delivery

After we finalize your order form, your invoice will be added to the Shop.  Click on the SHOP QUILTS  for SALE button at the top of the page and find your Item/Invoice.  Add it to your cart and complete the purchase.  All that is left is for us to make your quilt!

Your quilt will be ready for Pickup or Shipping within 8 to 10 weeks (usually sooner but I would rather under promise and over deliver).   If you need it sooner please let me know and I may be able to meet your deadline .


You will be notified when your one-of-a-kind keepsake is complete.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of custom made quilts, no refunds or returns will be accepted.